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Enterprise Profile

Heilongjiang science and technology press is a comprehensive publishing institution under Heilongjiang publishing group, which integrates books, periodicals, electronic publications, online game publishing and Internet publishing.Heilongjiang science and technology press was founded in 1979.Since its establishment, it has been adhering to the publishing policy of "basing itself on science and technology、facing life", and has formed a publishing sector with science and technology, medical and health care, agriculture and forestry, culture, life and popular science as the main framework.As one of the first take the market as the forerunner of the press in China, Heilongjiang science and technology press has a wealth of experience and excellent publishingtradition。It has been awarded by the Publicity Department of the Central Committee of China (CPC) and the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (SAPPRFT) for many times。Hundreds of publishing projects have been selected into major national and provincial publishing projects,a number of varieties into the "China book business newspaper" segment ranked TOP10,has been firmlyranking the top three. in the same kind of publishing house.In recent years, Heilongjiang science and technology press actively responds to the national policy of "going global" cultural development,exports hundreds of book Copyrights and book products relying on its own advantages, and has been continuously selected into the top 100 influential publications of China's overseas collections. At the same time of mining at home and abroad excellent publishing resources fully, Heilongjiang science and technology press, adhere to the pioneering and innovative, enrich the cultural carrying capacity, and promotes the new experiential cultural consumption mode centering on reading, science and technology, cuisine and cultural innovation. Provide the public with the most valuable spiritual food and reading experience with quality content and creativity.